POWER RAKE for common industry interface mini skidsteers

Manufactured by: WIFO

Product features

  • 48" Width
  • 600lbs. weight
  • 9" Drum Size
  • 48 Teeth on drum
  • 1.25" Length
  • Optical carbide teeth
  • 16x16.5 Air Front Wheel size
  • 10-14GPM Hydraulic Requirements
  • Hydraulic Angle
  • 12 Volt for angling Required
  • Case Drain Required
Part # Price (USD )
RMS48CR - Wifo Mini skidsteer Power Rake (free freight if shipped/Baumalight Wholegood) for common industry interface mini skidsteers. (Available stock : 1) $7,950.00 $6,360.00
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