Feller Bunchers for Skidsteer and Excavators

The Baumalight Feller Buncher is a Hot Saw that features a 52” cutting disc that can take up to 20” trees and is equipped with 18 beaver style cutting teeth. The beaver teeth are made from high-grade alloy steel, heat treated to a high Rockwell rating, while not being brittle. The beaver style, with its straight edges, is much more durable than the Concave and keeps a better cutting edge longer. Tips can be re-sharpened right on the blade with a teeth grinder. Holders and teeth are fully rotatable and reversible. This will double the life of the tooth, reduce operating costs, as you double your tips for less than 1/3 more. Our Tower two grabber arms as well as a third accumulator arm is included to cut and carry multiple smaller trees before discharging them to the pile. It has an electric-over-hydraulic system which operates efficiently on hydraulic flows as little as 25gpm and a smaller model would work on lower flow yet. Only one set of remote hydraulics is required to operate all functions if you have an AUX electrical connection. We are very open to requests for new features, larger or smaller models for both skidsteer and excavator.