hydraulic augers


Baumalight auger drives come in a variety of sizes, with torque ratings from 249 ft/lbs up to 4,006 ft/lbs. These hydraulic-driven auger drives are ruggedly built and available with a variety of mounting options, drive sizes and a wide range of interchangable auger bits.

Baumalight post hole auger drives come in a variety of sizes. Our line-up has not only been designed and built to fit most skidsteers, excavators and front end loaders, but they also accommodate a variety of auger drive shaft styles and sizes.

hydraulic augers, excavator auger


For rural property owners who want to save time and money, Baumalight offers three auger drive models designed to handle a variety of hole-drilling needs; from planting trees to preparing holes for fences. Featuring high torque for tough jobs, a heavy-duty universal joint, and a bolt-on bit for quick bit changes, Baumalight tree and post hole augers completely eliminate the back-breaking work of digging holes.

hydraulic augers, excavator auger hydraulic augers, excavator auger


Designed with professional landscapers and contractors in mind, Baumalight offers three high-torque auger drive models. Available for Skid steer or excavator, the Baumalight Contractor Series line of augers features heavy duty planetary drives, 1½“ to 2” pivot pin sizes with brass bushings, a heavy duty frame, and gear ratios from 6:1 to 32:1 for exceptional performance. For use with tree planting augers, rock head, or fence post augers.

hydraulic augers, excavator auger hydraulic augers, excavator auger