Wheeled & Tracked CUL Mini Skidsteers

Manufactured by Baumalight in Wallenstein, Ontario, our growing line of Mini Skidsteers are designed for versatility. At Baumalight, versatility not only means offering a carrier that can easily navigate in tight spaces, but also providing a wide selection of useful tools and attachments. Powered by either a Honda gas or Kubota & Yanmar diesel engines as well as Electric powered which is in development, check it out here

Our Compact Utility Loaders come standard with an interchangeable universal Mini Skidsteer Quickattach plate. This is the same plate that is used by all the major brands in North America and we also offer the less common Bobcat Mini Skidsteer plate as an option if that is desired.

Get the most out of your Baumalight Mini Skidsteer by pairing it with the many available tools and attachments. Whether you are a landscape contractor, farmer or weekend warrior, we offer a large variety of attachments to help you get the job done.


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