D005735 Extension Kit

10% discount if shipped with a 1P24

Before using the 1P24 Stump Grinder, you must first measure your
tractor to see if you require the D005735 Extension Kit.

How does it work?

The extension brackets attach to the 1P24's 3PH mounting
bracket. The extension brackets allow you to increase the
installed length of the PTO shaft and maximize shaft overlay
through the 3PH range of movement.

Determining if 1P24 Extension Kit is Needed for your Tractor + Installation Demo

How to Measure?

Measure dimensions (A) from the PTO lock groove to
the center of the lower link arm pin holes. If the dimensions (A) are
less than 20 inches, you will require the D005735 extension kit.

Technical documents

D005735 Extension Kit Technical Drawing
1P24 Stump Grinder Operator’s Manual
measure guide