flail mowers for skid steers

FMM148 Flail Mower for Mini Skidsteer

Conveniently designed for Mini Skidsteers, the FMM148 will efficiently cut long, heavy grass or short diameter brush. The FMM148 is equipped with 30 F2000 flail style teeth which will swing back when hitting stones, so less damage is done to the teeth. Designed to easily maneuver around objects and access tight spaces, the FMM148 also packs some power using direct drive from the hydraulic motor. To maintain a steady, even mow height, the flail mower has an adjustable roller bar.

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Model # FMM148 FEB700
Path Width 61" 88"
Rotor Width 48" 80"
Cutting Depth Level Level
Cutter style Flail Blades Flail Blades
No. of blade clusters 38 42
Rotor shaft size 1.5 1.75
Rotor diameter (tips) 19" 17.5"
Rotor weight (with tools) 185 lbs 253 lbs
Adaptor Universal mini skidsteer Standard skidsteer plate
Hoses supplied Yes Yes
Couplers supplied Yes No
Case drain required Yes Yes
System Protection Built-in Relief system Built-in Relief system
GPM 8 - 15 18 - 35
PSI 2,000 - 4,000 4,000
Unit Weight 585 lbs 1091 lbs
Hydraulic Flow & Pressure Hydraulic Flow & Pressure