Christmas Tree Stump Grinders and Stump Planers

Christmas tree stumps will soon be nothing more than a memory. Baumalight’s HGS50F is a stump grinder designed for Christmas tree stump grinding on skidsteers. A 90 HP bevel gearbox provides the power to 36 carbide-tipped cutting teeth. The powder coated finish on the heavy duty frame ensures the grinder is built to last.

Also available from Baumalight is our Christmas Tree Stump Planer. Easily mounted on a skidsteer or mini skidsteer, this stump planer operates at a low RPM so that chips are contained during the operation with very little mess to clean up. The Stump Planer tool features a hardened replaceable tip for extra-long wear and sharpenable cutting blades.

HGS50F Christmas Tree Stump Grinder

  • Cross-over relief to collect over pressurizing
  • 20-42 GPM motor
  • 90 HP bevel gearbox
  • 28 carbide tipped cutting teeth
  • 6” wide rotor
  • Nylon wrapping n hoses for extra protection
  • Heavy Duty frame
  • Angled skidsteer plate for better visibility
  • Powder coated finish and crated to ship
  • Anti-slip safety pads on step
  • Chain curtain to contain flying chips