3 Point Hitch Stump Grinder - 1P24

The 1P24 PTO stump grinder is designed for small tractors equipped with hydrostatic drive and Category 1 3PH. This tractor mounted stump grinder model allows you to grind small and midsized stumps efficiently with a 24" Rotor, carrying 34 replaceable carbide teeth and has a cutting depth of 10" above ground and 6" below ground with the cutting wheel speed of 540 RPM. The carbide tipped teeth is 3/4-inch-thick. The maximum cutting depth per pass is 5" and maximum horizontal cut is 22".With no hydraulics required this versatile PTO Stump Grinder is controlled with gravity feed which is ideal for tractors with no hydraulic remotes. In case if there is a sudden advance of the tractor while grinding, the hinge will automatically swing the grinding head out a bit, keeping even pressure on the stump. The stump grinder unit weight is 350 Lbs having a width and length of 48". A stump of 30" width and 12" depth can be ground in 15 mins with a 40HP tractor, with 30HP it takes around 20 mins. ¾" thick steel rotor acts as a backbone for the stump blaster cutting system.

All Baumalight stump grinders are made in North America and sold through dealers so you always will have local support to service or support your stump grinder. We offer free freight to all North American dealers who are not in remote areas as well as a free 6-pack of teeth. We just recently started shipping a new design that is compatible with most CAT I quick hitches and also ship with slip clutch PTO shafts now. This update is featured on some of the later videos on Tractor Time with Tim (TTWT).

Does your tractor require our Extension kit

Tractor must have hydro-static drive. On subcompact tractors with short arms, the D005735 Extension kit is required.
Before using the 1P24 Stump Grinder, you must first measure your compact tractor to see if you require our D005735 Extension kit

Click here to learn how to measure


All Baumalight products are sold through our network of equipment dealers. For you, this means better product support, after-sales service, maintenance and product warranty from your local, trusted dealership Click here to find a local dealer.

An exception is that we sell directly to Equipment Rental Stores of most sizes. Click here for more info.

Local Support
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Baumalight offers customers a series of helpful service & instructional videos and supports the right to repair. These videos show you how to perform your own trouble shooting and repairs which can save you a lot of down time because many things can be fixed on the spot by end users. Also, after the warranty period is over, a lot of money can be saved if you can do things yourself following simple instructions on trouble shooting, maintenance and repairs.


Service And Instructional Videos

D005735 Extension Kit

10% discount if shipped with a 1P24

If the tractor you are using with the 1P24 measures less than 20 inches from the PTO lock groove to the center of the lower link arm pin holes, you will require the D005735 Extension Kit. CLICK HERE to learn more.

D005735 Extension Kit

Quick Hitch Compatible

The 1P24 Stump Grinder is CAT 1 Quick Hitch compatible, allowing you to easily connect to your compact tractor.

Quick hitch compatible

Slip Clutch PTO Shaft

The 1P24 Stump Grinder includes a slip clutch PTO shaft. In the event that the grinder hits a rock, the slip clutch is designed to slip so that the shaft is not damaged. (this started in mid 2020).

Slip clutch PTO shaft

Self-Regulating Feed

For smoother operation, the 1P24 3-point hitch stump grinder features a self-regulating feed function that uses the weight of the grinder head. If you suddenly advance your tractor while grinding, a hinge will automatically swing the grinding head out a bit, keeping even pressure on the stump.

Self regulating feed

Carbide Tipped

Like the finest saw blades, the cutting teeth on Stump Blasters are carbide tipped. This incredibly hard material ensures reliable cutting performance. When grinding stumps, buried hazards are inevitable; gravel, stones even metal posts are not uncommon to “find”. Our carbide teeth are designed to stand up to this abuse and keep on blasting stumps to dust.

Carbide Tipped


All 1P24 Stump Grinder comes with a free set of 6 replacement teeth. These replacement teeth are conveniently shipped in a robust enclosed compartment on top of the frame.

6 free teeth

More Teeth

Many hands make light work, or in this case fine mulch faster and easier. The high number of teeth means that each tooth does less work. Each of the Stump Blasters teeth only need to make a small cut, because the work is shared by more of these rugged teeth, which last longer and typically only need 2 or 3 replaced at a time. The bolt-on designed teeth allow for straightforward replacement.

Multiple Teeth


The massive ¾" thick steel rotor provides the back bone for the Stump Blaster cutting system. It’s the anchor for the carbide tipped teeth. For smooth operation it’s important that the rotor remains solid, with no flexing. The rugged rotor also provides the Stump Blaster with the extra momentum needed when the grinding is tough, making sure the Stump Blaster can power through the hardest stumps.


More Clearance

The Stump Blaster’s carbide teeth extend a full 1-¼ inches from the rotor. This prevents chips and mulch from getting plugged. More chip clearing produces smoother operation and reduces heat build-up that can damage the rotor and cause premature tooth failure.

More Clearance

Greaseable Pins

Our grease pins are zinc plated to prevent corrosion which will allow for smoother operation of the units joints over their lifetime.

Greaseable Pins

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Model No. 1P24 3P24 3P34 3P40
Recommended HP Size 20-45 25-55 45-80 60-120
Maximum Engine HP 50 58 85 125
Maximum PTO HP 40 50 75 115
Transmission Hydrostatic only Any Any Any
Hydraulic GPM -- 5–20 5–20 5–20
Rotor Size 24" 24" 34" 34"
Number of Teeth 34 34 54 54
Tooth Part number S1000 S1000 S1000 S1000
Tooth Construction Carbide steel bolt-in Carbide steel bolt-in Carbide steel bolt-in Carbide steel bolt-in
Cutting Wheel Speed 540 RPM 810 RPM 810 RPM 1000 RPM
Cutting Height - Above Ground 10" 18" 25" 25"
Cutting Depth - Below Ground 6" 8" 14" 14"
Maximum Cutting Depth - Per Pass 5" 6" 9" 9"
Maximum Horizontal Cut 22" 22" 32" 32"
Swing Arc 65° 65° 65°
Hub Torque 803 Ft.-Lbs. 803 Ft.-Lbs. 803 Ft.-Lbs. 1050 Ft.-Lbs.
Over Torque Protection Slip clutch Slip clutch Slip clutch Slip clutch
Hitch Cat I Cat I or II Cat II Cat II
Quick hitch compatibility Yes No No No
No. of Remotes Required - Hydraulic 0 1 or 2 1 or 2 1 or 2
Requires 12 Volt DC No No No No
Input Speed 540 540 540 1000
Unit Weight (Shipping) Lbs. 350 920 1231 1280
Width (Shipping) 48" 42" 48" 48"
Length (Shipping) 48" 49" 54" 54"
42in Root Base
1P 24
Price 20Hp 30Hp 40Hp 60Hp 70Hp 80Hp 90Hp 120Hp
-- 30 min 20 min 15 min -- -- -- -- --

1P24 only must but mounted on a hydrostatic drive tractor

3P 24
Price 20Hp 30Hp 40Hp 60Hp 70Hp 80Hp 90Hp 120Hp
-- -- 15 min 12 min 10 min -- -- -- --
3P 34
Price 20Hp 30Hp 40Hp 60Hp 70Hp 80Hp 90Hp 120Hp
-- -- -- -- 6 min 5 min 4 min -- --
3P 40
Price 20Hp 30Hp 40Hp 60Hp 70Hp 80Hp 90Hp 120Hp
-- -- -- -- 6 min 5 min 4 min 3 min 2 min


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