TRL620E Electric Mini Track Loader

TRL620E Electric Mini Track Loader powered by a 96 Volt battery (Development in progress).

In 2020 we started R&D on an electric mini skidsteer and throughout 2021 we actively worked on the design of an electric powered mini track loader with the intention of using a 96-volt battery. The first prototype is designed utilizing many of the same components as our original TRL620D diesel model. The same undercarriage, same boom and same boom control and AUX. The big difference is direct electric drive which is by far the most efficient, at this point we don’t know what our battery life will be but we are aiming for as long battery life as possible by selecting the most efficient drive system and as large a battery as our compartment will hold.

Our hope with a 96-volt system is that it also will be more efficient then the older 48-volt system, this idea comes from cordless tools which started off at 9 volt back in the nineties and always have kept moving up since. We are not sure when we will actively start testing the first prototype but we did order the sheet metal to build the frame in February 2023 and manufacturing is in progress.

Here are a few videos showing testing of the drive system on the test bench.