WRL58G Wheeled Mini Skidsteer US

The Baumalight wheeled mini skidsteer is manufactured in Ontario Canada and powered with a Honda engine, the compact wheeled mini tool carriers are designed to easily navigate through tight spaces and are offered with weight kit as an option. The hydrostatic drive is set up with true joystick controls with hydraulic pilot lines just like large skidsteers have. The remote hydraulic pump system with case drain delivers hydraulic flow that can be set to maximum engine capacity and has a dashboard pressure gauge displaying system pressure. The Baumalight Compact Utility Loader, features durable tires designed like wheels for large skidsteers that can handle uneven or rough terrain, and a ride-on platform raised for improved visibility while manoeuvring through confined areas.

A three-pump hydraulic operating system is used, one for hydraulic flow to run the machine’s auxiliary & boom and two pumps for the propulsion system, one for each side. There is also a dedicated oil cooler to better manage hydraulic heat generation.

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Gross Engine HP N/A 24.8 HP 23.9 HP
Net Engine HP 22.1 HP 23.9 HP 22.8 HP
Peak Gross Engine Torque N/A 52.7 ft/lb 46 ft/lb
Displacement 0.688 L 1.1 L 1.267 L
Engine Type Gas Diesel Diesel
Fuel tank size 12.5L 40L 40L
Engine Brand Honda Kubota Yanmar
Model GX690 D1105 3TNV80F
Drive type Hydrostatic Hydrostatic Hydrostatic
Drive control Joy stick Joy stick Joy stick
Carriage Tires Tracks Tracks
Size 18 x 8.50-10 6P 230 x 72 x 45 230 x 72 x 45
Travel Speed 7.84 km/h 4.57 Km/h 4.57 Km/h
Ground weight (without weight kit) 5.5 lbs per sq. in 4 lbs per sq. in 4 lbs per sq. in
Relief setting (psi) 2,730 3,000 3,000
GPM under no load 11 10.5 10.5
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity 40 Litres 40 Litres 40 Litres
Number of pumps 3 3 3
Boom control Joy stick Joy stick Joy stick
Self Leveling no yes yes
Pin Height 70" 76" 76"
Ground clearance 8" 6.5" 6.5"
Width (without bucket) 38" 40" 40"
Length without bucket 62" 70" 72"
Breakout force front edge of bucket 700 1730 1730
Same as above with extra weight 1070 2000 2000
Breakout force without bucket 1800 4250 4250
Same as above with extra weight 2600 4300 4300
Tipping capacity at front edge of bucket 600 1290 1290
Same as above with extra weight 800 1385 1385
Tipping without any attachment 1200 2580 2580
Same as above with extra weight 1550 2930 2930
Operating capacity (50% of tipping) 600 1290 1290
Same as above with extra weight 775 1465 1465
How is break out force and lifting capacity measured.
Weight (lbs) 1,800 2,930 3,140
Weight with weight kit 2,200 3,170 3,380

Without bucket unit dimensions - Click here